Regardless if it takes one day or several, we'll work with you until we feel confident you'll pass your final exam.

You will be refunded your prep course fee or offered a free class if you fail your exam. 

We’ll guide you through the enrollment process to ensure your school receives your transcripts in a timely manner.

Units not apply towards your degree?  No problem.  We’ll contact your counselor in writing for verification.  Once verified, we’ll allow you to take another course that meets your units, at no additional charge. 

If you fail, you must wait 30 days to retest on that exam.

Pass the first time!

We invest over 90 hours in our study material and break down the most important points.

Prep Course Fee: $200

*Other Fees: $85 Dantes exam fee and $60 Proctor fee.

Course and proctor fees are due before class. 

Exam fee ($85) is due the day of your final exam. 

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