If you need your transcripts expedited, DSST currently charges $30.00 to order transcripts along with a $25.00 overnight processing fee ($55.00 total).  You MUST write "add $25.00 over-night fee" on the form and fax it to: 651-603-3008.  DSST will not accept request via email.   Download the transcript order form at the link below and follow the instructions. 



*If you would like a PDF Transcript Order form that you can edit, click below.  After you enter your personal information, you'll still need to write "add $25.00 fee" and sign your form.  Be sure to update the "Total Fees" area on the form  correctly. 


If you elect to have the transcripts sent to your house, do not open them.  Once opened, the transcripts become unofficial.  Take the unopened official envelope and give it to your academic counselor for processing (have them make you a copy).  Most schools can process transcripts within 24-48 hours.




It's highly recommended that you order an official copy of your transcripts for your personal records and keep them in a safe place (unopened).  You can give them to your counselor if needed.   Remember, once you open them - they become unofficial.  Most schools require you to send the transcripts directly to their registrar's office.  Your enrollment counselor should be able to guide you in the right direction.


Please remember, we are not affiliated with DSST (DANTES).  We have no control over sending your transcripts; however, we will provide you with all the relevant information so you can follow-up with DSST if needed.